John Walker Geographical series

Issued from 1903 onwards the maps were engraved by J Bartholomew & Co, still making maps today. Major towns and cities were allocated a batch of, generally, five or ten numbers although it is almost certain that not all were used as many numbers ending in 9 do not seem to have been issued.

The series covers much of England, Scotland, Wales and both parts of Ireland as well as some of the colonies, such as Canada, South Africa and the Caribbean. A few cards were issued for the near continent. Some of the vignettes can be found full-size on view cards which have the familiar red anchor on the reverse.

Where the number allocation was exceeded cards were issued with suffixes. Usually this was an 'A' but there are cards with a 'B' suffix as well as one with "1/2".

A few cards were obviously commissioned as publicity for hotels, shops etc. either as special issues or as overprints on previously issued cards and these are generally scarce.

Cards 1 to 100 Cards 101 to 200 Cards 201 to 300
Cards 301 to 400 Cards 401 to 500 Cards 501 to 600
Cards 601 to 700 Cards 701 to 800 Cards 801 to 873